WRRC Research Material

The information held by the Circle for research is concentrated in five main areas; the Library, the Rhiwderin Archive, Members' Studies, the Information Resource and Mapping stocks, each of which is being expanded.

The Library is available for research and browsing but books are not normally available for loan. A listing of the books in the Library is available in the Members section.

As for Mapping, a considerable number of 1:2,500 OS and County Series maps are available for inspection at Rhiwderin. The Mapping page has lists of maps of the counties covered.

The Rhiwderin Archive now holds original archival material and includes donations and purchases from a number of sources and donors. Many items in the Archive are difficult to copy because of their sheer size but there is now a slowly expanding facility to reproduce some archives as electronic PDF files.

Members' Studies are brief descriptions of individuals' research notes that have been bequeathed to the Circle.

Finally, and partly because the Circle does not maintain a formal book lending library, in its place is the Information Resource, a 'loose-leaf' information system whereby members can borrow, or possibly obtain digitally, any items that interest them or reflect their researches.

The various listings are in Adobe PDF format and there are some explanatory notes here.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download for free by clicking on this button:

Rhiwderin Research Facility

The archives are open to WRRC members and visitors on pre-determined days from about 9.45am to 8.30pm; the dates are posted on the events/meetings page.

If you intend to visit Rhiwderin, it is suggested that you email the archivist at the address below to confirm arrangements.