Photograph Collections

Stratton Collection

Bow Street

This consists of photographs of Welsh and other British locations (from Lairg to Moretonhampstead), mostly in the period from 1959-1968. Many locations have more than one photograph of the facilities although it is not yet possible to supply prints or scans. A list is available here Stratton list.

Mike Morton Lloyd Collection


As well as drawings that were passed to Mike by Trefor (T.L.) Jones, there is a photographic collection. This a mix of Welsh-subject photographs copied from other publications and Mike's own photographs taken during his travels through mainly Cambrian country.

Digital prints from the collection are available for purchase for personal study.
Download the catalogue MML Photographic Collection.

Available from the Circle stand at shows see (events/meetings) or from:

Photo sales: Simon Parsons.

Desmond Coakham Collection


This collection contains Desmond's own photographs, as well as copy prints, of an eclectic mix of subjects throughout the United Kingdom and, to reflect his main interest, industrial installations and rolling stock in the Eastern and Western Valleys north of Newport. A list is available here Coakham list.

John Hillmer Photographs

John Hillmer has donated a number of modern photographs, from c.1991 onwards, to the Circle. These are available for inspection at the Circle's Research Centre at Rhiwderin. A listing is here Hillmer list.

Photographic Resource

A Photographic Resource is gradually being developed. This will be a simple reference set of photographs from mostly commercial sources such as Real Photographs, LGRP and so on. In most cases we will not be able to supply any prints since we do not have relevant permissions but the collection will be available for inspection at Rhiwderin.