Members' Studies

This new section of the Rhiwderin Archive contains summaries of individuals' personal research notes that have been bequeathed to the Circle. Any archival material - eg. a Primary source - has been moved into the Rhiwderin Archive. The remaining notes will probably have been garnered from many sources and collated by the researcher.

Summaries of the contents are available by selecting the appropriate link but the records themselves will be available for study at Rhiwderin. Users are then quite at liberty to refine the listings and add more detail for the benefit of future researchers.

Colin Chapman papers

Mostly Cardiff Valleys subjects Colin Chapman papers.

Desmond Coakham papers

Notes relating to many South Wales railway companies and industrial railways, locomotives and collieries. Desmond Coakham papers.

Harry Evans papers

Collection of newspaper cuttings about Welsh railways from 1997 to 2002. Harry Evans papers.

John Hillmer papers

A collection of 7 folders about rail activities in Wales from 1997 to 2000. John Hillmer papers.

John Kear papers

Research notes relating to R&SBR, PTR and Neath area generally. John Kear papers.

Mike Morton Lloyd papers

The papers relate mainly to the Cambrian Railways, in particular the Tanat Valley Light Railway. Mike Lloyd papers.

John Norris papers

Principally about Shrewsbury & Hereford Joint line and branches. Also includes Severn & Wye, Forest of Dean Central, Bristol & South Wales Union and others. John Norris papers.

Mike Stephens papers

Contemporaneous notes by Mike Stephens during his work at British Rail, contained in two folders. Mike Stephens papers.

Ralph Tutton papers

A survey of railmotors and services in Wales and border counties. Ralph Tutton papers.

Angus Watkins papers

Research papers relating to the Bryn Oer Tramway. Angus Watkins papers.