Tracking Railway Archives Project (TRAP)

The Welsh Railways Research Circle was a founder member of the 'Tracking Railway Archives Project' (TRAP) consortium in 2000 and was involved in its successful project with the then Public Records Office's national 'Access to Archives' (A2A) initiative. At the end of March 2008, TRAP was wound up as a consortium and became part of the Railway & Canal Historical Society, essentially as one of that society's Special Interest Groups.

Ultimately the lack of volunteers to help progress the project precipitated the cessation of all of TRAP's activities early in 2016. However, the information that was collected has not been jettisoned and will remain as an information page when the Railway & Canal Historical Society's website is revised.

Railway Librarians Association

The Circle was a member of the Railway Librarians Association (RLA), which existed to promote the exchange of railway information between groups and societies. That group has recently been reincarnated as an e-group for ‘Railway Librarians and Archivists’; the group initials remain the same! Its aims remain the same, too - for more detail visit and search for RLA-Group.


South West Wales Industrial Archeology Society

Based in the Swansea area, the SWWIAS and the Circle regularly exchange journals.


Great Western Study Group

The Welsh Railways Research Circle and the Great Western Study Group regularly exchange journals.