Information Resource

Information Resource

The Information Resource is a 'loose-leaf' information system whereby members can borrow, or possibly obtain digitally depending on copyright and availability, any items that interest them or reflect their researches. The Resource files are not archival; that is, they are not original documents but are generally photocopies or transcriptions, hence being held separately.

After six years' work devoted to the backlog of archive cataloguing, the Resource has now been cross-checked and listings prepared. It is planned to upload quarterly updates when any lists have been changed, the occurrence being notified in the Newsletter.

Railway company information

Resource lists for each company can be accessed by clicking the Railways of Wales link in the menu on the left of this page, and any listing will be found in or near a 'Further Reading' section in the appropriate page.

Ancilliary information

As well as individual company listings there are several other groups where the subject matter does not fit readily into a rail company listing. For example, the Colliery and the Industrial section includes files on docks, industrial matters etc. The Research listing contains files that may assist with your research; the Lists section contains what it says - Lists. On the one hand, on-line access to many agencies might render the early printed lists redundant; on the other hand some historical information might be useful - R K Cope photographs, perhaps. Some Field Reports are the results of site visits but also included here are railtour brochures. Tramroads is another section containing notes of the many and varied tramroads that mingled with the conventional railways.

Finally, the General section includes notes which might encompass all of Wales rather than a specific company, railways proposed but not built, very minor lines that do not warrant a separate page and files that do not fit anywhere else!

Please note that the WRRC's Data Sheet 7 details a number of Research sources.