Research Collections

WRRC Collection

Archival material from 19th to 21st centuries. Material is still being catalogued WRRC catalogue.

Colin Chapman Collection

Archival material mainly relating to Cardiff Valleys. Colin Chapman catalogue.

Colin was a meticulous researcher and his wish was that the results of his researches into the railway history of the Cardiff Valleys and the Vale of Glamorgan should be readily available to other like-minded researchers. Thus the original pages, over 22,000 in 112 lever-arch files, have been donated to Cardiff Central Library.
However, the Circle funded the commercial scanning of the entire Collection, both as a back-up for Cardiff Library and for the use of Circle members. There is no detailed catalogue of the transcripts and photocopies in Colin's files but they are easy to navigate since the pages are assembled by railway or line, and in fairly strict chronological order.

A full list of the volumes in the Collection can be downloaded here.

Tom Clift Collection

Collection of archival material Tom Clift catalogue.

Allan Clyde Collection

This modest collection contains correspondence mainly relating to the Taff Vale and Barry Railways. Allan Clyde catalogue.

Sandy Croall Collection

Archival material, principally the Holywell branch, 1912-1993. Sandy Croall catalogue.

John Norris Collection

Archival material, primarily Chester Division, Shrewsbury & Hereford line, 1839-1960s. John Norris catalogue; also see Members' Studies.

Ralph Tutton Collection

Archival material relating to steam railmotors and their routes in Wales, 1905-1928. Ralph Tutton catalogue; also see Members' Studies.

George Conway Collection

Principally GWR and BR(WR) working timetables and operating notices in South Wales. George Conway catalogue.

David Ellis Collection

Principally Severn & Wye Joint Railway corporate records. David Ellis catalogue

Desmond Coakham Collection

Principally Newport Valleys archival material. Desmond Coakham catalogue also see Members' Studies.

Harold Morgan Collection

Principally South Wales archival material. Harold Morgan catalogue

Hergest Trust Collection

Principally station paperwork, much of it from Doldowlod in the Cambrian Railways era. Hergest Trust catalogue