GWR worker fatally injured

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GWR worker fatally injured

Postby jesmondcoedway » Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:42 pm

Any idea as to the best place to research the account of a GWR track or bridge worker who was fatally injured at work either in the Shrewsbury or Oswestry divisions of the GWR? This is following a story I've heard where the cause of death was listed(?) as 'decapitation', so I would guess this was in the 1940's, as I think later would be termed 'multiple injuries' to spare the feelings of relatives. By repute, the GWR declined to pay the widow and daughter any compensation, as this man had volunteered to go and help a mate do this particular job, so shouldn't actually have been there! I am, however pretty sure that this incident occurred either in Mid, or the southern part of North Wales, possibly as far north as Dolgellau.
Thanks, and will write this up for the WRRC if I can get some more info.
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