Railway Uniforms and Working Clothes

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Railway Uniforms and Working Clothes

Postby GCC504 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:41 am

One section of my collection of original photographs is of people at work or studio portraits of them in their working clothes. Amongst them I have a good number of Welsh subjects e.g. Cambrian Railways stationmaster at Llanidloes c1890. I have offered to do what might become a regular piece in the Archive where several from, say, one company might be reproduced and suitably captioned. Rarely are the subjects named so I am not so much concerned with the family history aspects rather the uniforms themselves and their utility in the job they supported. If any member is particularly interested in this subject and/or has some useful information on railway clothes that would help explain the difference in uniforms and the material they were made in then please get in touch so we can produce something of lasting use in the Archive. The first batch I am thinking of publishing is of Welsh employees of the LNWR, ranging from the 1870s to the grouping. Specifically, I have an 1884 posed photograph of Mold station which shows nineteen men; how can one find out for one station how many were employed in each function from the Station Master down?
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Re: Railway Uniforms and Working Clothes

Postby Cwmtudu » Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:04 am

The Cheshire Archives hold Railway Staff Registers on an online database. I have listed those that were at Mold Station and the dates they were employed, obviously half must have moved on to other locations by 1884, which might give you some idea of the numbers employed in each job -

Thomas Ackerley 1875 Yardman
Charles Edward Bailey 1883 Parcels Carman
G. Birch 1876 Signalman
T. Blackwell 1877 Relief Signalman
Jno. Catherall 1881 Parcels Porter
W. Darcy 1876 Porter
Ed. Davies 1872 Signalman
W. Davies 1878 Signalman
George Dutton 1875 Porter
Samuel Foulkes 1880 Porter
Robert Hughes 1880 Junior Porter
Thomas Hughes 1877 Booking Clerk
J.H. James 1880 Porter
J. Jones 1878 Signalman
J.J. Jones 1875 Booking Clerk
Jno. Jones 1874 Signalman
Joseph Jones 1877 Signalman
William Jones 1874 Junior Porter
Geo. Leach 1870 Relief Signalman
Thomas McDonald 1878 Porter
Geo. Morris 1882 Head Shunter
Thomas Naylor 1880 Porter
Martin Newell 1882 Porter
John B. Owen 1870 Signalman
William Owen 1877 Junior Porter
W. Pursell 1882 Porter
W. Reason 1871 Signalman
Ed. Roberts 1883 Booking Clerk
Edward Roberts 1882 Stationmaster
Edward Roberts 1883 Junior Porter
J. Roberts 1884 Parcels Porter
W.E. Rogers 1883 Booking Clerk
A. Weedon 1877 Porter
Alfred James Weston 1880 Junior Porter
Price Williams 1877 Signalman
James Woollam 1883 Porter
John Wright 1871 Porter
Edward Wynne 1880 Porter

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Re: Railway Uniforms and Working Clothes

Postby GCC504 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:21 pm

Thanks very much John Cwmdu.
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Re: Railway Uniforms and Working Clothes

Postby NCB » Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:34 pm

Seems a very worthwhile project.
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