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Re: queries on old photos

Postby Noel » Fri Jan 24, 2020 3:07 pm

The vertical chimney exhaust and fuzzy safety valve steam strongly suggest that the train is stationary and has been posed on the viaduct for a long exposure. It may be relevant that the presumed photographer is named Crawshay https://www.peoplescollection.wales/collections/391692.
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Re: queries on old photos

Postby andrewnummelin » Sat Jan 25, 2020 3:30 pm

Angus wrote:- but when did the B&M drop the use of tender locos?

According to the RCTS locos of the GWR part 10, the B&M tender locos were:
1 & 2 - 0-6-0s from Sharp Stewart, larger than their normal design with 5' wheels built 1863 and withdrawn 1884 and 1885
3-5 - 0-6-0s standard Sharp Stewart design with 4'6" wheels built 1862-1865 and withdrawn 1886 to 1889
6 - 0-6-0 from Manning Wardle built 1862 and withdrawn 1882
7 & 8 - 0-6-0s (long boiler) from Slaughter Grunning built 1857-8 withdrawn 1881-2
9 & 10 - 2-4-0s built by Sharp Stewart in 1865 one withdrawn 1887 the other converted to tank in 1895 and withdrawn 1903
11 & 12 - 0-4-2s built by Sharp Stewart in 1859 and withdrawn 1882 & 1884.
So the last tender engine was a 2-4-0, Usk, originally number 9 but renumbered 21 in 1888.

I'm pretty sure the loco in the photo is one of the 0-6-0s from Sharp Stewart and from the absence of visible splashers I was guessing at one of the standard ones (3-5); however, now looking again at the illustrations in the RCTS book I'm inclined to go for one of the larger ones on the basis of the design of the safety valve cover.

There's been a pretty good identification of the goods brake van but nothing on the coaches. Behind it I think I can see:
- 4 compartments, 2 lamp tops: 3rd class?
- two tone, 4 compartments, narrow quarter lights, 3 lamp tops: composite? from which company?
- 2 compartments, 2 lamp tops: 1st? saloon?
- 3 compartments, not symmetrical, 2 lamp tops: ?
- 3 compartments, symmetrical, 2 lamp tops: 3rd?
- 2 or 3 compartments, luggage, guard, 2 lamp tops; not clear, position of lamp tops suggest 2 not 3 compartments but windows seem to suggest 3.
Do these match any known B&M coaches, or stock that may have worked through on a B&M train?

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Re: queries on old photos

Postby Newport_rod » Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:25 pm

Noel wrote:... the presumed photographer is named Crawshay https://www.peoplescollection.wales/collections/391692.

Thanks for this link - items of railway interest here include The ‘Alt’ mountain, Llansaintfaerd, which includes a view if B&M permanent way and bridge over the Usk at Talybont and Netting the rock pool, which contains an excellent view of the same bridge from the river bank.

There are a number of other views on Industrial Archaeology interest.

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