Typical PO wagon in 1920?

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Typical PO wagon in 1920?

Postby Penrhos1920 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:09 pm

What was the typical PO wagon in 1920 just a couple of years before the 1923 standard design? I’m wondering what was the ratio of 5, 6, 7 plank wagons?. Also what lengths?

I don’t expect that this is data is available for the South Wales valleys. But maybe for another area or the whole of the UK.

Modelling a representative coal train set in 1920 is difficult with only 4 different kits of end door wagons available in 4mm. So I’m thinking about what other design I ought to build.
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Re: Typical PO wagon in 1920?

Postby Noel » Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:22 am

I suspect the only way to answer this is to find as many more or less contemporary photographs as you can, and start counting...

The RCH didn't actively design wagons, so far as I know; what they essentially did was agree [or not] what the PO wagon builders wanted to do. This seems to have led to transitional designs, with changes incorporated as and when agreed with the RCH, leading up to the new 'standard', incorporating the already agreed individual changes, which would be promulgated when everybody was agreed on what it would look like. It wasn't a case of 'all change' all at once. Basic capacity grew over time from 6T to 8T to 10T and finally 12T [RCH 15T chassis specifications existed, but were mostly only used for tank wagons, so far as I know]. A 12T chassis specification existed from 1907, if not earlier. Length of chassis oh grew alongside the growth in capacity from 14ft 6in [I think] to 15ft/15ft 6ins to 16ft 6ins, with height dependent on weight and density of intended load. This discussion, although looking at a slightly later period may be useful https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/120992-coal-wagon-capacity/.

Once built, wagons to previous specifications didn't have to be updated, although they might be in course of repairs or maintenance, and some practices, e.g.dumb buffers, might eventually be banned. Wagons would last for many years before replacement, being expensive capital items. Finding a 'typical' wagon for any period before BR might well be an interesting exercise; about all anyone could say with confidence, I think, is that it would have grease axleboxes.
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