Alfred Aslett and the Neath & Brecon Railway

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Alfred Aslett and the Neath & Brecon Railway

Postby Newport_rod » Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:20 pm

I have received this enquiry from Mike Peascod, I wonder if anyone can help?

    Alfred Aslett, General Manager of the Cambrian Railways, served with a number of railways and his final position was with the Furness Railway and because of this, I am doing a monograph about him and his work.

    I have read that Edward Watkins (of the MS&LR) took over as Chairman of the Neath & Brecon Railway and got Conacher, then the GM of the Cambrian Railways, to act as General Manager as well. How this came about is a mystery to me, but I was wondering if Aslett continued doing this job after the departure of Conacher. Is there anything in the N&BR records that would support this?

    I have been asked if I would do a talk on Aslett for the Harrow Welsh Society, and the prospect fill me with a little dread, though I will use as the title “The Bustling Gentleman”, a term coined by Gasquoine in his ‘Story of the Cambrian Railways’ when he described his career as the “comparatively short but bustling reign of Mr. Aslett“. I will obviously focus on his career with the Cambrian but will also cover the rest of his career – another case of Cambrian to Cumbrian!
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Re: Alfred Aslett and the Neath & Brecon Railway

Postby s.w.johnson » Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:19 pm

I don't remember anything about this from the Briwnant and Tudor book on the N&B.
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Re: Alfred Aslett and the Neath & Brecon Railway

Postby Noel » Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:08 pm

I think Mike's source has got the wrong railway. It appears that John Conacher, the Secretary and GM of the Cambrian, went to the North British Railway [NBR not N&BR].

For Alfred Aslett's brief career on the Cambrian

He came from the Eastern and Midlands Railway

There are a number of articles in the archive about his arrival and departure, and some events in between, I've just selected a few. See for the search page

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