GWR 4566 at Caerphilly

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GWR 4566 at Caerphilly

Postby andrewnummelin » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:56 am

I've received the following request: if anyone can help please let me know and I will forward information to David.

Good evening,

May I introduce myself? My name is David Cook and I have been involved with 4566 Group since 1971.

As you are no doubt aware 4566 is based on the Severn Valley Railway, currently stored at The Engine House, Highley out of ticket. About five years ago prior to the 4566 Group celebrating the 40th anniversary of returning 4566 to operational use and running a special train as part of the occasion I took it upon myself to start searching out as much information as possible about her pre-preservation working life (October 1924 - April 1962) together with any photographs that were available.

By the time of the anniversary train in June 2015 I had located approximately 40 photographs and some limited details about shed allocations/works visits etc. Since then when time has permitted I have continued with my task. As a result of this I now have almost 150 GWR/BR(W) photographs and courtesy of the GW Trust at Didcot details of shed allocations/works visits for this period until withdrawal in April 1962.

From the latter I have discovered that 4566 paid a visit in January 1951 to Caerphilly Works for a Heavy Intermediate overhaul/repair. At first I thought that this was a mistake but through a good friend of mine I had a letter published in the Monmouthshire Railway Society quarterly magazine recently. This in turn led to a reply confirming that indeed the visit had taken place and the probable reason why (lack of works capacity elsewhere on the Western Region) and a photograph of 4566 in Great Western livery in an unidentified location, unknown date and photographer.

Whilst I have I think now exhausted all the obvious avenues for information/photographs etc. I have today discovered your website hence my email to you.

Would it be possible to circulate my email within your members in the hope that someone might have more detailed information (works record cards etc.) regarding this visit or even dare I ask a photograph (highly unlikely I accept!).

I am more than willing to pay for any printing costs for any photographs and have no problem with my contact details being passed on either. Whilst I do not want to appear ungrateful should anyone offer I am only interested in the period detailed above. Please note that this is a private collection and any/all photographs are shown copyright to the photographer/collection holder. I do not pass off other peoples work as mine.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Many thanks,

David Cook (4566 Group)

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