South Wales Portland Cement & Lime Co - re Newsletter 147

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South Wales Portland Cement & Lime Co - re Newsletter 147

Postby stephebm » Sat Jul 09, 2016 5:04 pm

A quick Google confirmed the name as per the bag. There is an interesting site covering the works with map:

Also the IRS Industrial Locomotives of Mid & South Wales gives the same name from 1892 until bankruptcy in 1924; bags continued to 1967 or so - taken over in latter years by Aberthaw. Had 2 railways - standard gauge steam built Artillery 1896 ,Atlas 1901 and Iota 1892 followed by diesel mechanical from J Fowler and 2 ft 6" gauge 5 steam and 6 dm and 1 petrol mechanical. Some of the DMs are still around. I ve photos of 1/2 doz or so locos.

I can still recall the narrow gauge line crossing the Lavernock Road - I was disappointed when they went over from steam to diesal and again when they changed over to road transport. .

Unfortunately I have failed to locate any photos of their PO Wagons so can't answer the query to which there can be only two possible answers - either the Peco wagon accurately reflects the real thing or it doesn't - errors in real lettering did occur. ;)

The quarry part is now Cosmeston Park etc, some of the offices are a pub or restaurant and the rest has been built on; bring back Lower Penarth Station for commuters!

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