Swansea Wind Street goods depot (Burrows Lodge goods yard)

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Swansea Wind Street goods depot (Burrows Lodge goods yard)

Postby RichardMaund » Mon May 02, 2016 2:35 pm

This ex-GW goods depot is recorded in Clinker's Register as closed 1 November 1965. It was at ground level but access by that time from High Street was by the high level line via Wind Street Junction, which joined the LNW at what had been Swansea Victoria No. 2 box - still above ground. How (particularly in the period in 1965 before closure) did wagons get from there down to ground level to get transferred to Wind Street goods depot? I can only assume one of two options: (i) by wagon hoist and then along the GWR's South Dock low level tracks (on the north side of the dock), or (ii) continuing to the site of Victoria No. 1 box, reversing, and proceeding along the LNWR's South Dock low level tracks (on the south side of the dock) and crossing the dock entrance lock to shunt back into Wind Street goods. Can anyone elucidate, please?

And was it really the case that Victoria and South Dock goods depots closed a month earlier (on 4 October 1965)? Why was the rationalisation not carried out contemporaneously?
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