Abergavenny MT&A opening

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Abergavenny MT&A opening

Postby RichardMaund » Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:24 pm

I'm confused about the opening(s) at Abergavenny - can anyone point me to provenanced sources. That the section between Abergavenny Brecon Road and Brynmawr "opened" Monday 29 Sep 1862 with a ceremonial round trip (including a lady "driving" to Govilon) is attested by local press. However:

1. did regular "ordinary" passenger services start (a) later this day, (b) the next day, or (c) two days later on Wed 1 Oct (as quoted in some quarters): if (b) or (c), why the one or two days delay?

2. when did goods services start?

3. presumably the section between Abergavenny Brecon Road and the original (south-facing) junction with the NA&H was available from the start (to get LNWR stock and locos in) - but when did regular (a) goods, and (b) passenger services start over that link?
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