Cardiff Railway 0-6-0PT no. 2

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Cardiff Railway 0-6-0PT no. 2

Postby andrewnummelin » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:36 am

At Scaleforum yesterday I noticed a kit on Judith Edge's stand that looks very similar to the Cardiff loco.
In the books I have the class of the Cardiff loco is not given, and I've not come across a drawing on-line of the Consett loco with which to compare it.
Does anyone have any more information?

Andrew Nummelin
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Re: Cardiff Railway 0-6-0PT no. 2

Postby Tim Birch » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:11 pm

I have looked a the drawing of a Kitson long boiler loco prepared by R M Drake Brockman in the September 1974 edition of the Railway Modeller. This certainly looks like the Judith Edge loco. It has a coupled wheel base of 6'11" + 4'11" with overhangs at front and rear of 5'5" and 8'5" respectively. Mountford's book on the Cardiff Railway has an outline drawing of CR No2 as Kitson works number 2458 of 1882, and shows a coupled wheelbase of 6'4" + 4'5" with the overhangs being 6'10.5" and 8'8.5".
Clearly the overall look is very similar and in 4mm scale the difference in wheelbase is fractionally over 4mm.
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Re: Cardiff Railway 0-6-0PT no. 2

Postby Noel » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:17 pm

Andrew, the kit in question is for a Consett "A" class, which were fairly consistent in appearance over their long lives, although the cylinder size on delivery increased over the years and there were boiler changes. Railway Bylines Vol 9 Issue 11 [Oct 2004] has an article on the Consett Iron Co "A" class locos, which briefly mentions the existence of the 1882 loco for Bute Docks [later Cardiff No. 2], along with others of the type built for other users.

The preserved W/N 2509 "A No 5" of 1883 [which is the first of the pannier tanks - A Nos. 1-4 were saddle tanks with smaller wheels and cylinders] is shown as having cylinders 17.5" x 26", wheels of 4ft 2ins and a wheelbase of 10ft 9 ins, against No 2's 17in cylinders and 4ft 2.5ins wheels, as given in the text of Mountford's book [p96], which may, or may not, represent real differences. In 1880 No. 2 was preceded by two engines for the Barrow Hematite Steel Co. which introduced the 4ft 2ins wheel with 10ft 9ins wheelbase and had 17.5ins cylinders. The length over buffers of the Consett engines is given as 29ft 0.5ins, against the 29ft 4ins of the drawing in the book, which could be a result of different buffers. However, the photograph on p94 of the book shows a number of variations from the Consett locos, in terms of boiler fittings and their location, the cab sides, the depth of the front bufferbeam and the sandbox locations and shapes; there are also differences between this photo and the drawing in the book.

Unfortunately the article mentioned has no drawings, but No. 2 and the Consett locos are clearly closely related; the dimensions are sufficiently similar to suggest that the dimensions for No. 2 given in the book are because it was an earlier loco, or are slightly incorrect, or were specified by the Bute Dock Co. or relate to changes made after delivery. The overall design was apparently a Kitson standard type, although, as with all such, the buyer could request variations, and subsequent changes might alter the appearance. It would seem that the Drake Brockman drawings are either inaccurate or of another class.
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