A Cambrian gunpowder van

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A Cambrian gunpowder van

Postby NCB » Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:53 pm

In the absence of new information as to the livery of Cambrian gunpowder vans, I decided to press ahead using the thoughts in my post under the Rolling Stock section. The result is attached. 3mm/ft scale on finescale 14.2mm gauge track. I opted for Precision GWR pre-1945 buffer beam red for the body colour. The only significant alteration to the Cambrian Models GWR Iron Mink I was using was the extension of the side stanchions down over the solebar, using microstrip. Fitted with B&B couplings. The axle-boxes are wrong; I had a quick go at shaping them to Cambrian style, but gave up as the plastic is too hard to readily carve. The buffers are a bit crude.

The decals are Powsides as mentioned in another topic, these being placed in toto on some decal paper, varnished, and the result used as waterslide transfers. Not sure whether the lettering should be shaded or not. The feathers emblem looks a bit large, think it might be the original 4mm one rather than reduced to 3mm. The finer script doesn't come out too well, a consequence, I think, of the pressfix style of Powsides transfers. We could really do with some quality waterslide transfers for Welsh railways!

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Re: A Cambrian gunpowder van

Postby Menelaus » Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:32 pm

Great job Nigel! What's next? :D
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