Workers Educational Association course:

The Development of Standard Gauge Railways in South Wales & the Borders.

Tuesdays 31-10-2017 to 28-11-2017

10.30 to 12.30 Kindle Centre, Belmont, Hereford

Workers Educational Association.
This course of 5 sessions traces the development of the many railway companies that were formed with the exploitation of the South Wales Coalfield. The course deals with railways as an important and integral part of the economic development of South Wales and its impact on the Borders. The expansion of the railway network into virtually every valley of South Wales will be traced through the fortunes of railway companies large and small, from the powerful Great Western Railway and London & and North Western Railway, through the lucrative likes of the Taff Vale Railway and Rhymney Railway to small concerns such as the Burry Port and Gwendraeth Railway in Carmarthenshire and the Newport & Alexandra Docks Railway in Glamorgan and Gwent.

The emphasis will be on the industrial development of railways, not necessarily engines and trains and will include the development of ports and docks along the South Wales Coast as well as some interesting examples of railway housing and ancillary railway transport. The course is aimed at those seeking a broad view of the history of railways as part of regional economic and social development.

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